5 easy ways to improve your DFS skills

“Practice makes perfect” is the best proven rule when it comes to improving your skills in any type of activity, and DFS is not an exclusion. The more you play and the more you learn about fantasy sports, the better player you become. But apart from simply playing every day, there are some tricks that may help you get better at DFS that you might not be aware about. They are pretty easy and fun to do, and if you stay committed to them, you are guaranteed to see a major improval of your skills over time.

Fantasy sports

Make checking sports news your daily routine

Apart from having a routine of consistent playing, we recommend you establish one more daily routine — checking news related to the sport(s) of your choice in DFS. You don’t have to spend a lot of time on that — catching up with the news for 15 minutes is enough. You can read sports blogs, check apps of your favorite teams, watch TV or YouTube, listen to podcasts. Research the right service that can give you valuable information. Staying in touch with the news will help you draft better players in your lineup, choose more suitable strategies and generally have a better understanding of what’s going on.

Also check sports betting resources

It has been discussed many times that DFS is not gambling, but it still has many similar traces, so checking betting resources can also help you in making better DFS choices. Sports bettors put real money on the line, so trust them in choosing the right ones to bet on. You can check forums, sites, personal blogs and bookmaker apps to get some knowledge from people who bet, and eventually you’ll find how much of it applies to drafting a line in DFS.

Take advantage of promotions

Every trustworthy DFS site offers players different bonuses from time to time, starting from a deposit bonus when signing up for the first time. Other bonuses are usually given during certain holidays or major sports events. Not all players know the importance of using these bonuses, declining or not using them. In reality, they help you enter contests for a cheaper price, which gives you the opportunity to play more. Bonuses also make you offset the significant amount of money lost to the rake fees.

Learn to identify and draft sleepers

Basically speaking, sleeper is an under-valued sportsman, who can have higher fantasy value than his draft position indicates. Drafting such players gives you more chances to win, but you have to learn how to identify them. Sleepers often turn out to be players who have increased responsibility to show good results at the moment: for example, it can be a sportsman who plays for the first time in a new team, or the one who just returned on the field after an injury absence. So be sure to try your skills in drafting sleepers instead of only picking players with the world-known names.

Don’t hesitate to make decisions

Some players take DFS very seriously and weigh their every decision before doing any action in the game. While in some cases going slow is priceless, you have to also make bold decisions when it’s needed, as they might lead to better results (drafting a successful sleeper is one of the examples). The key to that is not taking DFS too seriously. Even if making a brave decision doesn’t take you to a victory, it will definitely give you more experience.