About Us

Led by speed, innovation, and quality, ArcaneGaming is a well-established company offering full-fledged web, tablet and mobile application development services in the field of daily fantasy sports and betting solutions. We take care of your business needs by bringing the right solutions without crossing the fine line of budgetary constraints you’ve set.

Solutions should adapt to the user, not the other way around.

Since 2017, we have helped 25 companies launch over 1k incredible products. We believe the best digital solutions are built at the intersection of business strategy, available technology, and real user’s needs.

Things can get really complex, really quickly, and a pragmatic, synthetic and clear vision is essential to be able to create something that, after all, is meant to be used. Emotions also have a big role to play and developing clear and beautiful aesthetics is of the utmost importance to create a pleasant environment in which the user actually enjoys the time spent in it. In the end, we’re all suckers for beautiful things that just work.

Our team

We have top and talent employees that will provide you with a high quality solution

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IOS Developer

Tanvir Hasan

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Android developer

Robert Kowalski

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Lead UI/UX designer

Amy Forren

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Unity developer

Hyun Tae Kim